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Influencer marketing in B2B

Posted by Chris Manns on 17-Aug-2017 16:00:00

Think of influencer marketing and you may think of Zoella, the 11.8m follower-strong blogger and vlogger whom brands leverage to promote their fashion and beauty products. Or maybe Pepsi’s disastrous influencer marketing campaign with Kendall Jenner. (I surprised myself as a newly-crowned Xennial that I even knew who these people are!)

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How-to Guide: B2B Inbound Marketing

Posted by Chris Manns on 23-Jan-2013 13:45:00

“Companies that blog get 55% more leads than those who don't” - Hubspot

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Posted by Chris Manns on 11-Dec-2012 09:02:00

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try counting sheep to help you doze off. Alternatively, check out some B2B marketing communications, as these will most likely have a similar effect.

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