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B2B Marketing – What Team and Formation Will You Pick?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 18-Jun-2014 13:28:00

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway and it’s becoming clear what players and formations the managers are going to use in order to progress as far as they can in the competition. But, what team have you picked? In B2B marketing you also have to carefully choose your team and your formation if you are to achieve success.

B2B marketing – what team and formation will you pick? 

Will you recruit staff and build an in-house marketing team or will you outsource your requirements? Or, will you combine the two and use an outsource agency to bolster your in-house assets? Either way, you need to make sure your team includes all the right players to achieve success. 

The team 

A modern B2B marketing team will require a vast array of skills and talented individuals, and it’s your job to find them. Start by looking within your organisation for talented employees; but if you find they fall outside the ‘expert’ category; then by all means outsource. 

To generate sales and ROI from your marketing efforts you’ll need a team which includes a creative genius, a prolific content writer, a social media guru, a data analyst, an ROI strategist and a team of operational specialists to pull it all together. As you generate more new business and the team grows you can continue to expand and recruit more staff within each of these skill-sets. 

The formation 

The formation of a football team relates to the players’ position on the pitch and can be changed depending on whether they wish to play defensive or attacking. In a B2B marketing team, all employees should be pushing forward towards the ultimate goal within their respective positions. For example, the social media players should be looking to increase reach and engagement levels. Content writers should be continually writing more unique and interesting content. The analysts should be reviewing the past performances and helping the ROI strategist to plan the future marketing activities. Ultimately, all players need to be on top of their game… at all times.

Winning tactics

With so many specialists in one place and decision-makers looking to digest information from multiple sources; the key tactic is multi-channel. By using your experts to communicate with prospects on the channels they prefer to use most, you can create greater engagement, interest and leads for your business. Gathering information and analysis as the campaign continues means you can make real-time changes to the tactics and place more emphasis on a channel which you know is performing better than the rest e.g. pay-per-click.

Creating a dream team…

To find out more about the talent you’ll need to create a winning team and how a closer relationship with sales could help you create a dream team…

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