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B2B Marketing Agency – Just Another Member Of Your Team

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 23-Sep-2014 17:08:00

72% of large companies are likely to use a combination of in-house and outsourced resources to create content. The most popular outsourced tasks are writing and design - IAB  

As the B2B sales cycle continues to develop and buyers digest huge amounts of content before making a purchase, creating engaging and relevant content is now a high priority for B2B marketers. Given the resource-intensive process of content creation, larger organisations typically outsource this activity to B2B marketing agencies.

 B2B Marketing Agency – Just another member of your team

One of the key objections to outsourcing content creation is the knowledge gap between the organisation’s internal experts and the marketing agency’s writers. How can an external team of writers create content that sounds like it has been written by industry experts with years of experience? The answer is, a meaningful relationship.

An extension of your marketing department 

Industry-leading B2B marketing agencies will look to act as a valued member of your business and therefore do what is required to become knowledgeable on your industry, company and products/services. This typically happens through a process of intense research and training provided by someone within your company. By introducing the marketing agency (and specifically the content team) to your company background, ethos and content style, it’s possible for them to quickly adapt to your way of operating. Documents like style guides and branding guidelines are priceless when it comes to transferring data and knowledge to external marketing agencies as it gives them a real indication of your current activity and requirements. To create the best content though, they still need a comprehensive brief…

The writing process

Having gathered as much information as they can on your company, external writers will then require a brief form you which includes the outline plan for the piece of content. Including everything frm words and phrases that should be used, to specifying the spelling of internal words and phrases will all help guide and inform the writer. Although this may seem time-consuming, it is still more cost-effective than creating the content in-house, and of course the process streamlines with the more content the B2B marketing agency create. By providing the writers with in-depth information up front in the form of a brief, and providing consistent feedback on drafts, the writers will quickly begin to understand exactly what you, your company, and your customers are looking for.

A partnership

Through the pursuit of information; the desire to create excellent content; and the ongoing dialogue between the marketing agency and your company, the result is a valuable resource that will grow to feel like an extension of your existing resources. The outcome is that by trusting a professional agency to create the content your company needs, you can continue to generate revenue in the ever changing B2B sales cycle without exhausting your in-house staff.

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