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How often should you post B2B marketing content online?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 10-Feb-2015 17:23:00

In their Content Marketing in the UK in 2015 report, the Content Marketing Institute asked survey respondents ‘How often does your organisation publish new content that supports its content marketing program?’ The result was… 

63% of the most effective UK marketers publish new content daily or multiple times per week.

B2B Content Marketing Statistics

The obvious reaction to this finding is a sense of disappointment that the results are not broken down by individual content type, i.e. ebooks, infographics and blog posts etc. This would have been valuable information to review, as the frequency of content publishing will depend greatly on the individual content type. 

Any organisation with a comprehensive content marketing strategy will understand that the objective is to guide and direct leads through the sales funnel towards a conversion to sale. This process, put simply, will typically include social media posts to drive prospects to blog posts, blog posts to direct prospects to content landing pages, and content (like ebooks) to show thought leadership and prepare the lead for a call from the sales team. 

With this process in mind, the frequency of posting starts to become clearer. Having created a suite of content based on individual decision-makers and paint points, you are likely to have one key piece of content (such as an ebook or tip sheet) for each decision-maker issue. From this larger piece of content, you are likely to be able to generate anywhere between 4 and 8 relevant blog posts. And from these blog posts, you’ll be able to generate multiple social media posts. 

So, assuming you publish one large piece of content each month, you would then publish a minimum of four related blog posts (one per week), and 2-3 social media posts to drive prospects to each blog post

Before embarking on this content publication frequency, always remember the 80/20 rule. Only a quarter of messages you publish online should be self-promotional. So, if you consider the frequency mentioned above, you’ll also need to invest time in thought leadership content and messaging unrelated to your product/service too. 

Also, remember the golden rule – if you don’t have something interesting to say, don’t say anything. Nothing affects a prospect’s trust in a business more negatively than them seeing endless useless blog posts and content from an organisation. If it doesn’t intrigue, interest or entertain, you’re better off not posting anything at all. 

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