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Business Superbrands 2015 Key Takeaways

Posted by John Hatton on 10-Mar-2015 16:53:00

Every year, the results of the Business Superbrands selection present interesting insights into who the top B2B brands are, as well as key takeaways for marketers to use when shaping their own campaigns.


For those who don’t know, the Business Superbrands selection is widely considered to be the benchmark B2B brand barometer, taking into consideration brand quality, reliability and distinction in its own sector. In the B2B sphere, it’s rare to find an award that companies don’t have to enter or pay for, but that’s exactly what the Business Superbrands survey is all about. The rankings are decided by a panel of marketing experts, including Really B2B’s very own director Kirsty Dawe, and 2,000 individual business experts from across the UK – making this a unique and prestigious list to feature on.

Perhaps the most interesting finding from this year’s results is that the list is dominated by companies heavily involved with technology. Just take a look at some of the names in the top ten: Apple, Virgin Atlantic, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and Visa – every one of these companies operates in an industry that’s having to adapt to rapid technological change.

This is further evidenced by the fact that the industry which makes up the largest proportion of the list is the digital payment sector, represented by brands including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Meanwhile, the second most regularly featured are delivery companies such as FedEx and Royal Mail.

Both these two sectors are going through wholesale changes, with technology presenting plenty of opportunities and challenges to operators. Clearly, companies that are being forced to adopt technological improvements are best placed to build a superior brand.

What does this mean for you?

Your company might not have to chase the latest technological trends but there are still significant lessons to be learnt from these super brands – whether to enhance your social media presence or improve the individuality of your website. Every business on the final list is embracing technology in their marketing efforts (just like their primary business offering). This enables them to interact with their audience in interesting, creative, and ultimately engaging ways. By combining this with buyer-focused content, they have succeeded in targeting their customers with personalised and benefit-led material which stands out because it is unique.

A strong brand requires customers to have a strong emotional connection to your business. This relationship protects you from any short-term issues and if people have a bad experience for whatever reason, they’re more likely to give your company a second chance.

Clearly, the companies that are thriving in today’s busy B2B digital world are those that have taken the time to understand their buyers’ lifestyles and needs – and they haven’t stopped analysing.

17 of last year’s top 20 retain their place on the list, demonstrating their continuous marketing evolution. Even though their efforts clearly worked last year, they haven’t stagnated. Continuous measurement and analysis are crucial if brands are to maintain the momentum of their marketing because trends and tastes change frequently – the most successful companies grow with their buyers.

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