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Top o’ the mornin’ to ya & happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 17-Mar-2015 08:47:00

March 17th is the feast day of St. Patrick, or as we more commonly know it, St. Patrick’s Day. This day is traditionally reserved for the celebration of St. Patrick who brought Christianity to pagan Ireland. But let’s have it right, nowadays it’s just a great excuse for a lot of shenanigans, plenty of pints of the black stuff and good craic in most of the pubs around town. It also seems to be less of a religious festival now, and more about leprechauns, green outfits, ginger beards and lots of four-leaf clovers.


But is that a bad thing? Of course it’s not. According to folklore, leprechauns collected gold to fill their pots, and then kept it safe by hiding it at the end of the rainbow. The idea is that humans are unable to see the end of a rainbow, whereas Leprechauns can, therefore meaning only they could find their gold. But what does this mean for you and me? Well, it perfectly illustrates that there’s plenty of gold… as long as you know where to look. 

As B2B marketers, we should be paying attention to this. We keep hearing that the economy is improving and businesses are spending more. So the simple question is where do we look for all this new gold? Thankfully, leprechauns have shown us the way… follow the signs (like rainbows). 

You may not have many rainbows in your marketing team, but they will certainly be in your business. Ask your sales teams where they found their last pot of gold. The likelihood is that they’ll tell you about a particular decision-making group, or a particular business size which always results in them finding sales (and gold) at the end. So now you have a few examples of where your sales team have found the end of the rainbow before. By collating all these findings, there should be a pattern emerging which they all have in common. Is it the industry? The business size? The decision-maker? The location? Either way, you’ve now got a few good clues on how to find the end of the rainbow. Obviously, you can’t look for these pots of gold because sales have already found them, but you can certainly look for new ones. 

Economic recovery means there’s plenty of gold just waiting to be discovered and by doing some internal investigation, you’ve now got a really good idea of where to start looking for the end of the rainbow. So what have leprechauns taught us? The answer is, there’s plenty of gold for those who know where to look. 

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