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What can IKEA teach us about B2B lead nurturing?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 27-Jan-2015 16:19:00

I recently recalled a childhood memory of being dragged along by my parents when they went to buy furniture for our house. The cavernous warehouse-style shops were filled with ‘scenes’ like living rooms and bedrooms and sometimes kitchens too. Once in this environment, my curiosity would get the better of me and I would run from one stand to the next, jumping on beds, laying on sofas and generally causing mayhem. With me otherwise engaged, my parents had the freedom to explore the items for sale in the store. However, due to its size (and the amount of products on offer), they typically drifted along an unplanned route in a trance-like state. This shopping experience meant many things caught their eye, but they rarely fully engaged, and ultimately they bought nothing.

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