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Top 10 B2B marketing Twitter profiles you should follow now

Posted by John Hatton on 23-Jul-2015 16:07:00

In today’s hectic culture where the phrase ‘time is money’ has almost replaced ‘goodbye’, Twitter’s provision of bite-sized information streaming between marketers, their peers, industry leaders, clients and leads has become an essential B2B marketing tool. It’s hard to imagine how people ever got on without it.

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Should we fear the rise of the content robots?

Posted by John Hatton on 10-Jul-2015 09:21:00

Picture the scene… a world torn apart by war as a robot network attempts to finally make humanity extinct. The only thing standing in its way… a small band of human fighters who refuse to be beaten.

Okay, so it isn’t as dramatic as the latest Terminator incarnation, but there is growing talk within content spheres about so-called “content bots”. That’s right, robots that can write articles and post them online for you and me to read. Well, not exactly robots, but a computer programme.

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Join the race towards B2B marketing success

Posted by John Hatton on 03-Jul-2015 09:19:00

On July 3-5, the Formula 1 British Grand Prix returns to Silverstone for another year and promises to bring its usual high levels of excitement and wheel-to-wheel action. As the likes of Hamilton and Vettel push their vehicles to the limit at breakneck speeds, every opportunity to reduce lap times will be grabbed with both hands. Success in this sport is all about scientific levels of research and measurement coupled with a desire to improve efficiency and results (even if only by a tiny bit) every single time.

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Serve an ace with B2B marketing personalisation

Posted by John Hatton on 30-Jun-2015 17:00:00

Centre Court at Wimbledon is noisy on match day, very noisy. Even when the ball is in play and the crowds are expected to remain silent, there are plenty of goings on to distract players from the game – flash photography, coughing, glare from a spectator’s watch.

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How to run your B2B lead nurturing marathon

Posted by John Hatton on 27-Apr-2015 16:22:00

Whether at sports day, cross country at school, or running after work, most of us can relate to the pain, sweat, and tears experienced at this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon (if you ran, please accept a virtual slap on the back from me). Yet all the while we are acutely aware that after crossing the finish line, and for quite some time after, the contestants are some of the happiest and proudest people on earth – months of training and preparation have been converted to an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and success.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to create unique B2B content

Posted by John Hatton on 24-Apr-2015 12:10:00

Winning the vote of your prospects by closing them as customers is a number one priority for businesses. One tactic to be increasingly employed as a means of achieving this important goal is the production of B2B content. However, with so much content being pushed out, how do you ensure you stand out from the noise? The answer lies in this timely infographic, which likens this year's general election to a marketer's most prominent content marketing problem - how to create unique B2B marketing content and win your audience's votes.

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B2B Outbound Sales – How Strong is Your Hand?

Posted by John Hatton on 26-Mar-2015 17:25:00

If you’ve ever played a game of cards then you’ll know the player with the strongest hand is the one with the best combination of cards. Therefore, each one is of equal importance.

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Business Superbrands 2015 Key Takeaways

Posted by John Hatton on 10-Mar-2015 16:53:00

Every year, the results of the Business Superbrands selection present interesting insights into who the top B2B brands are, as well as key takeaways for marketers to use when shaping their own campaigns.

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B2B Business Growth: 3 Ways to Increase Staff Productivity

Posted by John Hatton on 19-Feb-2015 17:07:00

In a recent Buyersphere report, it was discovered that over 51% of B2B buyers said improving productivity was the top priority in starting the buying process. This finding perfectly illustrates the understanding that B2B senior managers have in regards to the relationship between productivity and business growth. All businesses are looking to maximise profits and grow as an organisation, but most are also struggling with the undefined roles of this post-recession period. ‘All hands on deck’ may have been the approach during the economic downturn, but nowadays key members of staff are unable to perform their expert skills at an optimum level because of other responsibilities. So, now is the time to rectify this shortcoming and prioritise productivity in every member of staff.

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What should business leaders expect from a B2B content team?

Posted by John Hatton on 17-Feb-2015 17:57:00

A lot is written for marketers about how to align a content strategy with business objectives. But not a lot for the actual business leaders.

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How to Measure B2B Content ROI

Posted by John Hatton on 06-Jan-2015 16:42:00

Most of us are aware that content is great for business – it helps with SEO, generates engagement and can be used to nurture leads in a (relatively) cheap way. That’s why companies are creating more content than ever. The chances are you are one of them, or at least considering it. I know this because according to The Content Promotion Manifesto, over 2.73 million blog posts are published every day.

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Is your B2B lead generation strategy limited by data?

Posted by John Hatton on 20-Nov-2014 16:00:00

Do you remember that kid in school who would always do their homework on time and regularly finished their project weeks before the hand-in date? Maybe it was you?

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Growing a SaaS business - is your B2B sales team stretched?

Posted by John Hatton on 13-Nov-2014 16:59:00

Compass, a business analytics firm, has produced a report on SaaS - the trendy, high-growth industry Gartner predicts will shine until at least the end of the decade. Therefore, one would assume, that with a good idea, this is the industry to be in if you want to grow a successful business.

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5 time-saving tips to improve B2B lead generation

Posted by John Hatton on 11-Nov-2014 16:28:00

In management, if your plate isn’t full then it’s probably overflowing. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to achieve everything on your to-do list and every time there is an opportunity for a break, something inevitably pops up or a deadline moves.

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Can B2B buyer personas really increase ROI by over 300%?

Posted by John Hatton on 06-Nov-2014 16:51:00

You’re probably used to sitting in countless meetings with various heads of department and members of the creative team as part of the campaign planning process. You and your team come up with an idea that can’t fail to captivate your prospects’ imaginations whilst addressing their pain points. But for some reason, the campaign figures just don’t inspire as they should have done; so why?

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