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Dispelling the myths of the B2B marketing team

Posted by Kirsty Dawe on 21-Jul-2015 17:07:00

This blog was originally published by Kirsty Dawe, Agency Director, on LinkedIn Pulse.

We’ve all heard of the Greek mythological creatures such as the centaur, the cyclops, dragons and griffins. We’ve also been told about Medusa, whose gaze could turn you to stone. But, if you’re reading this post then you’re probably also aware of the myth that marketing departments are unaccountable brochure-manufacturers that don’t provide high-quality leads to the sales team. I say myth because in today’s modern world, these types of teams should simply be a figment of imagination. With the increase in tools, technology and specialisations, it’s more than possible for marketing teams to prove their worth and shirk these historical misconceptions.

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