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B2B Direct Mail Marketing – high-impact B2B lead generation

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 09-Jan-2013 12:34:00

Direct Mail as a communication channel never actually died... but it was sure close for a while there. Now, it’s making its comeback and it’s gaining strength fast. Granted, it’s no longer a standalone marketing tool, but as part of an integrated campaign, it can still get the results that matter.

According to Fusionb2b, “businesses receiving brochures or other direct mailings are twice as likely to convert into a new lead, spend more meaningful time on the business’ website, spend more money, and consistently purchase that business’ product or service”.

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Nowadays, you can use your prospect insight to personalise multiple aspects of the mail and really grab some attention. Gone are the days of just sending a brochure to your prospects. Individual personalisation allows you to talk to your prospects in a way that addresses their exact challenges, needs and wants... making your interactions more human.

Plus, with digital printing costs lower than ever, you don’t even need to print large orders anymore to make it financially viable.

The whole world is obsessed with online marketing at the moment, which is why direct mail can slip past all that white noise and leave a lasting footprint on the prospect’s mind.

It won’t fulfil all of your marketing needs, but it can be a powerful weapon when targeting hot leads or dream prospects who you know are at the sales tipping point (i.e. coming out of a contract review period).

A highly personalised piece of direct mail may just be enough to make all the difference... and a sale.

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