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How-to Guide: B2B Inbound Marketing

Posted by Chris Manns on 23-Jan-2013 13:45:00

“Companies that blog get 55% more leads than those who don't” - Hubspot

Every day our senses are bombarded with anything from 200 to 20,000 advertising messages from the likes of television ads, print ads, leaflets, door drops and cold-calling. So how can you skip past all this white noise and generate high-quality leads for your business? The simple answer is Inbound Marketing.

The idea behind this strategy is that instead of interrupting people with marketing messages, you can be more in-tune with their current issues, pain points and buying behaviour and therefore pull them towards your company.

This all sounds great doesn’t it? Just write some content and let the sales-ready leads come to you. However, the issue with this strategy is that if you don’t do it correctly, you just end up with a load of text that nobody ever reads and wasted time, money and resources.

Thankfully though, we’re here to help. We’ve written a ‘How-to’ guide that explains not just the ins and outs of inbound marketing, but also how to implement the strategy and the steps you need to take to generate leads, sales and revenue for your business.

Download your B2B Inbound Marketing How-to Guide now!

With in-depth information on everything from keyword research, SEO and blogging to social media, content writing and analytics - this guide is a go-to move for anyone interested in inbound marketing. 

The guide also includes a Takeaways page which features statistical information regarding inbound marketing and also a checklist for those of you looking to take your marketing to the next step.

Remember, just because you’re looking at inbound marketing, doesn’t mean you have to immediately throw out your outbound marketing plan. It’s not a case of inbound versus outbound. It’s more about utilising both to get the best results for your business.

Once you’ve had a look at the guide, feel free to drop us a message below and tell us what you thought...

B2B Inbound Marketing Guide

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