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B2B Inbound marketing with real-time triggers

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 25-Jan-2013 09:05:00

If you are looking to increase B2B leads, sales and revenue using an inbound marketing strategy, then there’s a few things you need to be prepared to do – the most important of which is react to real-time triggers.

How-to guide to B2B Inbound Marketing

People don’t just visit your website anymore, they also have the chance to engage with you on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter too. Third-party forums also allow people to converse about your company with like-minded individuals. These forum conversations can, in turn, increase your position in the search engine results pages – especially on Google which uses third party forums to help ‘rank’ your site.

This means that you can no longer fully rely on pre-planned marketing ‘campaigns’, as these often struggle to react quickly enough to prospects’ changing behaviour. In 2013, you now have to be able to react to real-time behavioural data such as ‘Likes’, shares, industry of follower and job title of follower.

Particularly as the move to inbound marketing continues to grow, prospects’ reaction to your company and content can be as simple as a ‘Like’. In order to turn prospects into leads and leads into sales, you need to be prepared to act upon these little indicators as quickly as they occur. This means combining the real-time data from your social media sites with your database and current marketing activities to create better targeted and segmented communications. With this ability to act in real-time, you should have no problem generating revenue in 2013.

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