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Generate B2B leads and sales with Infographics

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 29-Jan-2013 13:14:00

When using an inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that your content needs to include key ‘takeaways’ such as hints, tips, facts and figures. This information is data that the reader can take action from in order to make a positive impact on their business.

B2B Inbound Marketing how-to guide

But, what if you have lots of really valuable takeaway data that you knew would lose its impact if it was scattered throughout a large publication? Then infographics are the way forward. Information which would otherwise just be a lot of numbers can now become an eye-catching visual representation which the brain can absorb quickly and easily. They are also a great way to show your company personality and your position as an industry thought leader.

But that’s not all... good infographics are also excellent for SEO too. The reason is that as people begin to share your infographic, they simply provide links back to your site. So now, your infographic hasn’t just increased web traffic, but it’s also generating ‘backlinks’ which search engines (like Google) use to ‘rank’ your site.

As if these little images weren’t already doing enough, they also have the potential to go viral. Every marketer’s dream is to see quick responses from a large number of prospects and this could happen with a good infographic. As more and more people discover it and forward it/send links to their friends and colleagues, its popularity can grow exponentially.

With benefits like these, it’s clear that infographics are more than just a pretty picture.

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