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Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 18-Nov-2011 13:28:00

Like it or not, social media is going to be an essential element when engaging with your B2B audience.

Research from Gartner highlighted that by 2014, social networking services will replace e-mail as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users.

Quite an alarming stat when you consider that the B2B world has been relatively slow on the uptake of social networking as a marketing tool. And, for many of our marketing peers who attended the recent B2B Marketing Annual Conference - they're not ashamed to admit it.

The reality is that 2014 isn’t that far away…

“But what about measurability?” I hear you cry.

We’ve said it ourselves, especially as here at Really B2B, we’re all about measurable direct marketing. On attending the conference last week, it really hit home that social media must be embraced now, if only to support every other marketing channel being used. It’s better to lay the social media foundations now before it becomes the B2B essential, because nobody wants to be left behind.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, Vimeo, YouTube – the social media menu is endless. But equally, so are the measurement and analysis platforms that can demonstrate its effectiveness.

We’re celebrating some great wins for one of our clients after their first dive into the social media world via Facebook (gasp!).

Audience engagement predictions have performed much better than expected and our clients’ B2B audience is collaborating - they are uploading images, commenting on content, sharing with peers and distributing to the extended audience.

The recent addition of cost per engagement, sentiment, reach% and passion score on our client campaign reports (alongside the normal cost per enquiry, cost per appointment, ROI and response% et al) has been welcomed.

Long may traditional direct marketing channels reign (for the next two years at least) but as part of a truly integrated engagement, lead nurturing/generation programme – social media is set to be top of everyone’s agenda.

Is it going to be on yours?

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