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Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 13-Feb-2012 13:59:00

Since attending the B2B Content Marketing Seminar recently, we’ve been putting the strategy at the very heart of all our campaigns.

With the buying cycle being more than just a funnel of events, we’re putting even more emphasis on our content strategies - from creating brand and product/service awareness to giving the prospect the opportunity to make an informed decision to buy into our clients’ products or services.

It’s our job to ensure that our clients can be found when their prospects are looking for their service. 9 out of 10 buyers say that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you. Although our traditional direct marketing roots encourage us to get in front of our prospects, the fact is that we can’t get in front of those that have not already opted-in to communications, and without our content being pushed out online, opportunities may simply be missed.

It’s what we say and where we say it that really counts.

Our experience still dictates that marketing channels including email and direct mail generate high-quality responses from high-quality prospects, however depending on the suitability of the client and the campaign, we also understand that it’s important to engage with our prospects through online conversations. Just yesterday, we received a lead for a client through Twitter, which goes to show that if we weren’t communicating in that space and engaging in conversations and sharing information, we probably would have missed that opportunity.

It’s all about being an expert.

To generate content at the right level for your prospects, using the appropriate and relevant jargon and talking about what they want to know, will ensure you succeed in generating sales from the prospects that you want to convert. We’re not all experts; you will often find someone within a business that can impart all the knowledge and expertise that you need to relay across channels to your prospects.

If you get the right level and amount of information about your products and services in front of your prospects (wherever they are), you will remain that one step ahead of your competitors.

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