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Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 15-May-2012 14:33:00

As we move towards the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years of reign, brands across the nation are bringing out heritage packaging, vintage products and back-in-the-day variations as seen in the early 50s.

It made us wonder, how different was B2B marketing back when Elizabeth was just getting ready to don the Crown Jewels for the first time.

One thing’s for certain, businesses selling to businesses (was B2B a term even coined in the 50s?) were probably looking for much the same as today.

As the recent B2B Marketing Lead Generation and Nurturing Benchmark Report in association with Circle Research shows, unsurprisingly the most important lead activities for a B2B organisation are to firstly, increase the quantity of leads (29%) and secondly to increase the quality of leads (24%).

In recent years and across our client mix, the quality and quantity debate is always a hot topic for discussion when looking at new business generation. We all know the key is to identify prospects, understand them, qualify them, engage them and encourage conversation. Then when the time is right, maximise every opportunity presented to you, whether that’s 10 selling opportunities a month or 10 an hour.

When you look at the 1950s where products such as office supplies to manufacturing tools were often advertised with alpha-males demonstrating the ‘smugness of success’ or the slightly exploitational versions in which scantily-clad women were used to adorn product advertisements, things couldn’t be more different nowadays…

With email, direct mail, social media, video, content marketing, telemarketing, above the line, below the line and the like – the choices are endless to find, engage and win new business.

The key is to take advantage of every opportunity available to you and your business and plan each channel effectively to work together to uncover the right opportunities for your business both in terms of volume and quality.

The question is what are your key B2B lead generation objectives for this Jubilee year; quantity or quality?

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