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Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 22-Oct-2012 16:20:00

If only sending a successful B2B email marketing campaign was as simple as putting together great creative, a compelling offer and an enticing subject line. But, there is so much more to consider. In the quest to get your target market to open and respond to your email, the date and time it is sent is incredibly important.

So what is the best day of the week to send an email? Well, the answer isn’t cut and dry. There are considerations such as; what is the type of email being sent? Is it a piece of lead generation copy which demands response? Is it an informative piece designed to communicate and influence? Who are you targeting? What is the nature of the industry and the level of decision-maker?

Whilst a proportion of your target market will open your email the day it is received, not all of them will. People are visiting their inboxes less frequently and the number of days between sending an email and a prospect reading it has grown. In fact, it is advisable to allow up to five working days for your target market to open your email – a major consideration if, for example, you are sending a time-related communication, such as an invitation.

From our experience we have found that Monday hasn’t been a good day to distribute emails because people are generally catching up on emails and preparing for the week ahead. This means they have little time to respond to incoming emails from an unrecognised source. That said, we have found that more senior decision-makers are responsive to emails sent over the weekend, often using this time to check emails in advance of the week ahead.

A good example of the type of communication influencing the day of the week it is sent, is an e-newsletter. Friday may work well, given that many people are winding down and looking forward to the weekend and therefore may be open to an informative piece such as an e-newsletter.

As a rule we have found that midweek days are the best days of a week and most studies support that sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will yield the best results.

The best time of day also depends on the audience, from testing we have found that by broadcasting at around 10.30am you have an opportunity to reach the audience late morning, over lunch and into the afternoon. Mid-afternoon also rates high in our best times to broadcast, whilst times to be avoided include first thing in the morning and post-lunch.

Key to success is testing, test the type of communication with day and time, whilst considering your target market and the recipient. Additionally, make your content engaging, choose a relevant and intriguing subject line and ensure a strong call to action to make your campaigns as effective as they can be.

We would love to hear about your experiences with email campaigns below.

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