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B2B Social Media Marketing How-to Guide (Part I) - LinkedIn

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 06-Mar-2013 12:09:00

Deciding to write a series of how-to guides on the uses and benefits of social media in the world of B2B marketing is like opening a dustbin-sized can of worms. The entire social media ‘landscape’ changes so quickly that in the blink of an eye, one social media site can drop out of fashion and another one take its place. So, why then did I decide to go ahead and write these guides?

How-to Guide to B2B Social Media Marketing (Part I)

The simple answer is results. Really B2B knows that by utilising the right metrics and measurements, it’s possible to use social media sites to help with your business growth and revenue generation.

Of the top 14 well-known social media sites, this first instalment of our B2B Social Media Marketing trilogy will discuss the uses and benefits of LinkedIn. Offering in-depth targeting of professionals, LinkedIn has been referred to as a ‘virtual rolodex’ for B2B marketers and is still considered the most high-impact tool when trying to reach key decision-makers within a specific organisation or industry. But, with great professionalism comes great responsibility. This guide will discuss how best to represent your company on your LinkedIn page and also how to use your staff as ‘promoters’ of your brand.

Also discussed in this how-to guide is the topic of blogging. This simple tool is a great way to create a community of subscribers who can easily engage with your company in the form of comments and shares.

Granted, if your blog is just talking about what you watched on TV last night, or how many cats you have, then the likelihood is that you won’t get much traction. However, if you use your blog to post about industry updates; your latest piece of content or even provide thought leadership content, then you will start to see engagement levels rise.

To find out how a blog and a LinkedIn profile can benefit your bottom line...

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