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B2B Buyers Use Their Pain Points in Search Phrases

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 25-Jun-2013 09:58:00

The way we use search engines has changed. As search engines (and their algorithms) have matured, people no longer use them simply to find websites; they now use them to find answers. A few years ago, if you had wished to streamline your manufacturing process, you would have searched for something like ‘Manufacturing processes’. You’d then have visited many websites to find what you were looking for. Nowadays, this sounds ludicrous. If you want to streamline your manufacturing process, you simply search (or even ask your search engine)... ‘How do I speed up my manufacturing process?’

B2B Buyers search using pain points

We now use search engines more than ever, on devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones; and searching for an answer online is now as easy as turning to your friend and simply asking a question.

For us B2B marketers, the way people now interact with search engines is great news. Have a look at your website analytics (or marketing automation reports) and review the keywords people are using to find your site. Are you seeing any patterns emerge? The likelihood is that you are.

At this stage, disregard anyone who has specifically searched for your company name, as this won’t help you much. Try to specifically focus on the longer search phrases and see what words people have used. You’ll most likely find that people are using their pain points in the search phrases (e.g. ‘how to generate business leads’; ‘B2B sales and marketing alignment’).

By reviewing these keyword analytics in-depth, you’ll soon be able to see the words and phrases that are being used most regularly. This information is invaluable!

This overview of the most common pain points and issues which your prospects are suffering from helps you to build an accurate picture of the industry and the hot topics which your business needs to offer a solution to.

By addressing these pain points and issues in your marketing material (both inbound and outbound), you can provide prospects with targeted messaging that shows you understand their needs; can provide a solution to their concerns and that you’re an industry thought leader.

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