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Defining a B2B sales-qualified lead

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 11-Jul-2013 14:43:00

The persona documents have been created and the marketing team are ready to start drafting the targeted messaging, engaging content and lead generation communications. But first they have to ask one vital question – what does a lead ‘look’ like?

The only people who can answer this question are sales, so it’s time to round-up the troops. It’s also important to include inside sales (telemarketing) in these discussions because this information will be critical to all three parties.

Defining a B2B sales-qualified lead

Every Tom, Dick and Harry that downloads a piece of content isn’t going to be a legitimate lead, so to make sure sales don’t waste their time sifting through unqualified leads, the process needs to start by defining exactly what a lead is.

In order for marketing and telemarketing to provide sales with the highest quality selling opportunities, they need to know exactly what criteria determines a B2B sales-qualified lead. Sales will most likely provide requirements such as:

  • Geographic location

  • Budget

  • Is the lead the confirmed decision-maker?

  • How much interaction have they had with the website and content?

Once these requirements have been selected, it’ll be essential for marketing are telemarketing to keep these details at the forefront of their mind.

As the lead generation activities continue, sales need to be constantly reviewing their criteria and filtering the information back to the other two parties. If the guidelines need to be amended then sales need to notify marketing and telemarketing immediately.

This ongoing dialogue means that marketing can update their targeted messaging and communication channels; telemarketing can update their qualifying questions; and both can continue to provide sales with only the highest quality leads.

This process perfectly illustrates how a close relationship between sales and marketing can help a business generate more B2B leads, sales and revenue. To find out more about improving the relationship between sales and marketing...

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