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B2B Lead Generation – Locating Prospects

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 09-Aug-2013 15:47:00

‘Nearly one-half (46%) of decision-makers say they now maintain a profile on a social networking site and visit those sites at least once a month for business purposes’ - Forrester survey of business technology buyers.

Having drafted persona documents in the research stage of your marketing campaign, you will have uncovered the most popular online locations of your prospects (for example LinkedIn, Twitter, industry forums etc). And this is where you and your business need to be too.

By placing yourself in these locations and participating and interacting, you can gain great insight into your prospects’ pain points, issues and thoughts. And, once you’ve established yourself in these arenas, you can begin to offer your content – therefore proving you’re a trusted resource.


One thing that is vitally important to remember is that this practice is not only for the marketing team; sales should be highly involved too. If the sales team are wary of joining the social network community, then choose one salesperson to spearhead the move. ‘Train’ them on the relevant social sites, the tools available and inform them about the valuable information they can gather.

In today’s world, companies and individuals use social media sites to discuss topics and developments which are hugely beneficial to sales and marketing teams, so don’t miss out. Make sure you are using social networks to their full potential:

  • Publish your content on all the sites that you have established as locations for your prospects

  • Add social media sharing buttons to all of your content so prospects can easily share it with their friends/connections/followers etc

  • Every time you send an email, include social media links so that the prospect can easily connect with you on their favourite sites

  • When a prospect converts to a lead within your system, be sure to look them up on LinkedIn and Twitter etc so that both sales and marketing can see what their main issues are and what topics they have been discussing

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