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B2B Lead Generation – Increase Sales and Revenue

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 11-Mar-2014 17:45:00

As discussed previously in this blog, B2B lead generation activity requires huge amounts of research and planning, which is why we created the planning manual and accompanying spreadsheet. Only by reviewing past data from your marketing and sales activity can you begin to plan your future strategies.
B2B Lead Generation – Increase sales and revenueThe strongest foundation for any lead generation activity is the traditional marketing channels; email, direct mail, telemarketing, events, website, Pay-Per-Click and media advertising. But, in order to utilise them to their full potential, you need to work out what works best for your business and your prospects. What works for one organisation, may not work for another. So, there is always a need to individually review the results for each of the channels used in your past lead generation activity. 

The metrics needed for each channel will differ, so a different approach will be needed for the review of each channel. For example, when reviewing previous email campaigns, pay close attention to metrics such as click-through rates; conversion from website visits to inbound enquiry or leads; conversion of qualified leads (allowing for any drop-off); conversion to sale/customer and average order or contract value. 

If you’ve used direct mail as a communication channel before, review the previous results with a focus on the format that was used; any multivariate of A/B testing that was carried out and the relationship between creative and messaging. 

Having to test your lead generation marketing channels can be time consuming; but the time and energy invested now will pay dividends in future. 

By carrying out this testing before rolling out a lead generation plan for one of the world’s largest broadcasting corporations, we were able to generate 230% of the client’s appointment target within the first month of the campaign. 

To see how we diagnosed the pain points of this particular client and used multi-channel marketing to generate staggering results…

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