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Aligning B2B Sales and Marketing to Increase Revenue and ROI

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 14-Mar-2014 17:02:00

Sales and marketing are the petty squabblers of the business world. Sales believe that marketing aren’t providing enough high-quality leads; and marketing believes that sales aren’t converting enough of the leads they do provide.

Aligning B2B Sales and Marketing to Increase Revenue and ROI

The bottom line is that as long as these two rival factions are at loggerheads, your organisation is missing out on valuable leads, sales and revenue. So, the time has come to bury the hatchet and align these two with a single vision of success. 

There is also a requirement for senior management to get involved in this paradigm shift. Typically, when the numbers are down, businesses (and their senior management team) believe that hiring more salespeople will solve the problem as a quick fix – but it won’t. Only by getting sales and marketing to work together and focusing their attention firmly on the prospect, will a business see their revenue rise. 

The new relationship between sales and marketing needs to be inclusive and collaborative and be laser-focused on providing prospects with the information and solutions they need. But in order to provide this high-quality lead nurturing service, both parties need to come together and get to know the prospects in-depth. This is why the best starting point for the sales and marketing relationship is persona document creation.  

Analysing prospects is just the starting point for this new partnership, and in order to start seeing increases in leads and sales, the following steps need to be executed…

1. Identify your ideal customer (persona documents)
2. Define a sales-qualified lead and the marketing processes to nurture them
3. Develop the most appropriate messaging and execute a highly targeted multi-channel marketing strategy
4. Create engaging content to attract and nurture
5. Connect with prospects where they spend their precious time
6. Utilise telenurturing and telemarketing for lead follow-up and qualification
7. Pass the lead to sales
8. Close the loop, measure, refine and report to the senior management team

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