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B2B Sales and Marketing – The Successful Relationship

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 01-Apr-2014 08:38:00

As we’ve discussed previously throughout this blog, aligning your sales and marketing teams will result in a clearer understanding of your prospects and increase your leads, sales and revenue. The relationship between these two parties is based on information sharing and clear boundaries/criteria.

B2B Sales and Marketing – The Successful Relationship

By setting these criteria early on in the process means that marketing knows exactly when to pass a lead to the sales team. But what is involved in the handing over of a lead? Do marketing simply give sales a telephone number and ask them to call a lead? The answer is no, the handover is actually one of the most important aspects of any sale. 

In today’s modern world of marketing automation, almost every single interaction by a lead is recorded. This means that by the time a lead has become sales-qualified, you’ll already have a great deal of information on them. 

In order for sales to know as much as they can about the lead prior to a sales call/appointment, they need to see all of the information that the automation system has gathered. This is why the handover of a lead from marketing should now be accompanied by a ‘pack’. This pack will contain all the information the system has gathered. It will likely include information such as…

• The lead’s online behavioural patterns
• Number of downloads around a particular topic
• The sequence of downloads
• How recently they visited the website
• The time they are spending on the website
• The webpages they visited
• Telephone call recordings (if applicable)
• The lead’s entire journey from first contact to the telemarketing call 

Once sales have sat the appointment or made the sales call, it’s vitally important that they feed new information back to marketing. This latest information from the front line sales meetings is priceless when updating the lead generation strategy and the lead qualification criteria.

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