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B2B Marketing Skills – Calculate your strength

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 13-May-2014 08:34:00

With the summer approaching fast and everyone desiring the ideal beach body, there inevitably comes that moment of standing in front of the mirror and identifying your main issues such as lack of muscle, strength and overall fitness. But, before we all head down the gym and jump on the treadmill, we first do the pre-training analysis… i.e. how much do I weigh? How big is my waist? How many press-ups can I actually do? This allows us to set benchmarks from which to improve.

B2B Marketing skills calculator

As the old adage goes… you can’t fix what you can’t measure.

This is also the case with B2B marketing at the moment. There have been many industry developments in the last few years and the changes are expected to continue – new channels, new strategies and new technology. Marketing leaders want to be able to provide expert knowledge and services in all of the new fields but many are currently ‘looking in the mirror’ and identifying their shortcomings… i.e. lack of strength and skills.

70% of marketers believe there are noticeable skill gaps in their team

There are two viable solutions to this lack of strength in key areas of B2B marketing. The first is to invest in a structured and continuous learning and development programme for staff members. The second is to outsource these services to trained specialists who can support the existing marketing resources with their knowledge and expertise.

But as mentioned above, before embarking on a campaign of improvement and development, there needs to be pre-analysis to identify the current assets and the areas that need the most work. That’s where we can help.

Consider us the Mr Motivator of B2B marketing because we have created a tool which is going to help you clearly identify the strength of your B2B marketing team and the skill gaps that need plugging.

We’re calling it the B2BMI Calculator (see what we did there?). This handy tool will allow you to input your current business priorities and corresponding resources in areas such as prospects insight, campaign planning, marketing technology and many more. The outcome will be a score which determines where you need the most work within your marketing team.

So what are you waiting for?

Download your B2BMI Calculator now

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