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B2B Summit 2014: 19 of the Best B2B Marketing Takeaway Tips

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 19-Jun-2014 17:24:00

On June 18th approximately 400 marketers and business owners descended into The Brewery in London for the B2B Summit 2014, hosted by B2B Marketing. The day was filled with sessions from B2B marketing experts covering the hottest topics in the B2B world; inbound marketing, multi-channel marketing, demand generation, social media and all the emerging trends. Not only did this day offer a huge amount of insight for many B2B marketers looking to improve their marketing practice and further develop their lead generation strategies, but it really gave some food for thought regarding the exciting future of B2B marketing and where we’re all headed.

B2B Summit 2014: 19 of the Best B2B Marketing Takeaway Tips                                       (Image from Katy Howell, Immediate Future)

For those who couldn’t make it (or did and just want a recap!) take a look at 19 of the best B2B marketing takeaway tips.

1. Data is the marketer’s new natural resource
Caroline Taylor, IBM

2. For a notoriously difficult audience social media can be the key to leads
Nicola Tipp, Really B2B

3. Content is everything we do and digital techniques allow us to measure this
- Caroline Taylor, IBM

4. When creating content, we need to think that we now have audiences, not customers
Fearghal O’Connor, Google

5. Marketing is becoming more expensive because buyers know more than you think
Peter Smith, Marketing Doctors

6. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google
- Fearghal O’Connor, Google

7. People absorb information 600,000 times faster from images than they do from a paragraph of text
John Heffernan, Foundry Communications

8. In video, there are two types of viewing behaviour – those who browse for entertainment and those who search for answers
Fearghal O’Connor, Google

9. When choosing LinkedIn groups there are two factors to consider; reach and relevancy
Katy Howell, Immediate Future

10. Data is the key factor to ensuring the success of email marketing
Nicola Tipp, Really B2B

11. On Twitter don’t use all 140 characters, leave room so that when a prospect retweets they can add their own value with a comment
John Heffernan, Foundry Communications

12. B2B customers prefer to make informed purchase decisions, they don’t want to be sold to
- Gartner

13. Re-purpose content such as white papers by breaking it down into one-page PDFs
Katy Howell, Immediate Future

14. Content creates earned trust
John Heffernan, Foundry Communications

15. People don’t want good content. They don’t even want great content. They want super relevant content
Gina Balarin, Concur

16. Social media is the catalyst for lead generation, from here it’s all about integration
Katy Howell, Immediate Future

17. Employees receive 8 times more engagement on social channels than the brand
Sarah Goodall, SAP

18. Use trackable URLs when posting content to groups in LinkedIn so you can measure clicks
Katy Howell, Immediate Future

19. It’s not about the wand, it’s about the wizard
Caroline Taylor, IBM

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