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B2B Marketing Design – Successful Communications

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 22-Aug-2014 08:46:00

There will be a 13% increase in demand for graphic designers by 2020 Be-A-Careers

When discussing the differences between B2C and B2B marketing it becomes clear that the differences are vast. B2C relies on an emotive response and an immediate powerful reaction from the prospect, whereas B2B is a much longer process. A B2B sales cycle can take upwards of twelve months and within that time the decision-maker will consume huge amounts of content and require regular nurturing (via ‘touches’). These differences mean that marketing strategies need to be different and so too does the marketing messages. As content producers and writers change their style and messaging when moving from B2C to B2B copy, where does that leave designers? 

B2B marketing design – successful communications

A picture’s worth a thousand words 

40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text - Zabisco 

As the popularity of inbound/content marketing exploded over the past couple of years, marketers became more aware of the impact their creative could have, and began using the (now clichéd) stock images like hands shaking and jigsaw pieces. This imagery dramatically dampened engagement; so nowadays the savvy marketers know that real creative talent needs to be implemented in B2B marketing. To generate the best results from designs, it’s necessary for them to be created in conjunction with the written content. It’s the harmonious relationship between these two that enhances overall messaging and creates the best engagement. 

Getting creative

Unlike content writers, there is no clear difference between B2C and B2B when it comes to marketing designs. A designer’s work has the same objectives whether it’s aiming to achieve an immediate emotive response or to keep a prospect engaged over time. Their objectives include…

• Communicating information clearly and concisely
• Creating an instantly recognisable brand identity
• Differentiating products/services amongst competitors
• Collaborating with writers to enhance the text and messaging
• Keeping readers and website visitors engaged
• Helping guide viewers’ attention to the desired location (such as the call to action)

Seek professional help 

The world of B2B marketing at the moment is awash with talk of content, social media, mobile, PPC and much more. But, it’s the savvy marketers that are asking about creative… and you should be too. If you haven’t got access to a professional creative resource, then now’s the time. Many marketers will resort to trying to plug gaps with stock images, but those businesses won’t see the ROI that a real graphic designer can generate. If you haven’t got an established designer in-house, look to agencies (both graphic design and B2B lead generation) to provide you with the knowledge and experience that captures prospects’ attention and keeps them engaged with your brand until they become sales-ready. 

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