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[VIDEO] B2B Buyer Personas: Your 2-Minute Video Guide

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 09-Dec-2014 16:02:00

Why are B2B buyer personas so important for B2B marketing? We take a quick look in this short video discussing exactly why buyer personas are a marketer's best friend and how to create them successfully. Video not for you? You can read the full transcript below and download the how-to guide today to learn more about how to create revenue-generating buyer personas. 


So, it goes without saying that in today’s modern B2B marketing world, the ability to really connect with and engage our audiences is what’s going to stand us apart from our competitors. Buyer persona research and documents we create, are what enable us to understand our audiences better and create marketing strategy that’s going to target and resonate with them.

Buyers are selective about who they choose to work with and they need to know that you understand them and their pain points and challenges. It’s all about creating trust and building relationships with our prospects.

What processes should a business take to create good buyer personas?

When we talk about buyer personas, we’re talking about more than just the simply demographic information that most businesses will use to prospect. We need to know more about the person behind the job title; what a day in their life looks like, which social media channels they use, where they go for information, what are their pain points and challenges and what are the challenges that the business is facing?

One way to do this, is to speak to your existing customers and the people that are already buying from you, they can give you this information first-hand. Also, the sales team will be able to give you a great deal of insight because they’re speaking with your buyers on a day-to-day basis.

Things like telemarketing, email marketing, surveys that you can push out via social media, are all going to be helpful to collate that information. As with all marketing, you’re going to get the best response rate when it’s multi-channelled.

What do you do with buyer personas once you have them?

Once you’ve collated all of the research that you’ve found, you need to put them into a personable buyer persona document. Give them a name, give them an image, make them easy to relate to and circulate them around the sales and marketing teams so that they can use them. When you create social media postings, when you create marketing strategy, content; ask yourself whether the person that you’re targeting will take value from what you’re about to create. Always have the buyer personas in the back of your mind.

More importantly, don’t file them away. Renew them on a six or twelve month basis to account for any industry trends that might have taken place.

If you create smart buyer personas, you’ll have the best chance of generating return on investment from your lead generation strategy. Any great marketing agency will always use buyer personas to underpin any activity moving forward.

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Learn how to create revenue-generating B2B buyer personas by downloading the how-to guide now.

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