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A B2B Marketing Christmas Poem

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 16-Dec-2014 15:22:00

B2B Marketing Merry Christmas Poem from Really B2B

T’was the week before Christmas, and all were in bed
But B2B marketers were using their heads
The New Year approached, and all were aware
Of the changes afoot, but how to prepare?

With mobile devices and wearable tech
Some company websites required a check
For watches and glasses and even the phone
The websites must show so no one will moan 

Streamlining processes and cutting the spends
Will require automation and shirking of trends
By nurturing the prospect right up to the sale
The business will grow to an enviable scale

To keep up with changes and all that is new
Recruit some new staff, maybe even a few
The business requires their specialist skill
To stop your new ventures from going downhill

To ensure there’s a message the prospects adore
Use video content so you can speak more
In the form of chat you know they’ll engage
And you can drive them towards your landing page

The data protection act is expected to change
And marketers feel they have lost their full range
With no prospect details and plans in the bin
Now is the time to ensure prospects opt in 

These are the things that might keep you awake
But fear not B2B marketer, give yourself a break
Christmas is here and it’s time to unwind
But just keep our guide in the back of your mind 

With all of the changes and adjustments to come
Don’t worry about anything, because we have become
Your trusted adviser and those in the know
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