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B2B Marketing Budget – How to Secure Yours

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 02-Oct-2015 17:20:00

Update: On average, 28% of a marketing budget is allocated toward content. Those that see the most success, however, allocate 42% - (30 September 2015)

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How to increase your B2B marketing budget

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 03-Sep-2015 17:25:00

A recent survey of 100 chief marketing officers by The CMO Club in partnership with IBM found that ‘57% of respondents indicated their budgets would increase over the next 2-3 years’. This statistic is in addition to the findings that ‘Overall, marketing budgets were reported up, due to either strategic funds or strong organic increases, but so are expectations. Furthermore, CMOs are planning to increase their spending across every stage of the buyer journey over the next two years by an average of 50%’. 

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