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B2B Lead Generation – It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 22-Apr-2016 16:00:00

53% of buyers say that their time to make a purchase has increased over the last year. 80% say they are taking more time to research and 82% say they are viewing more sources[i]

 On April 24th, the Virgin Money London Marathon will be taking place in the capital, and the world’s best professional runners will be joined by dedicated amateurs to complete the 26-mile course. Everyone taking part will have been training and preparing for months in order to ensure they make it to the finish and beat their personal best time. So, given that B2B lead generation has become a marathon and not a sprint, what can the London Marathon’s runners teach us marketers about staying the course and achieving success over longer distances?

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The best B2B love letter that never got sent, but should have…

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 14-Feb-2014 10:26:00

The relationship between B2B sales and marketing teams has always been a precarious one. Sales aren’t satisfied with the number of leads passed to them by marketing, while marketing argue that sales fail to convert the leads they do pass over. Aligning sales and marketing is a challenging task, but as the B2B buying cycle changes and the boundaries between these two teams become continuously blurred, it’s one that can’t be avoided.

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Which types of B2B marketing content influence buyers most?

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 03-Dec-2013 09:12:00

As the new year approaches and B2B marketers finalise how and where to allocate their 2014 marketing budget, Base One and B2B Marketing have revealed the ‘Buyersphere Report 2013’. It provides insight into which processes buyers follow and the motivations behind supplier choices in the B2B buying process. While this knowledge is of huge benefit to marketers thanks to the identification of preferred content channels and formats, specified by buyers themselves; the true validity of the data needs to be considered. In a long and complex B2B sales cycle, in which marketers implement numerous lead nurturing techniques, is a buyer completely aware of which content most influences their purchasing decision? Should B2B marketers be relying on industry statistics or using their own analysis to determine which forms of content work to generate leads and ROI for their business? 

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Do changes in B2B marketing and the buying cycle mean the end of the sales team?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 30-Oct-2013 11:39:00

The role of the B2B salesperson has dramatically changed. Since the beginning of time, outbound and push selling meant the salesperson was the automatic go-to source for information. It was simple, a prospect had a problem they weren’t sure how to solve and the salesperson offered a solution. But this is no longer the case. Inbound marketing now has a large part to play as a means of communicating with prospects in the B2B world and it is digital content (such as ebooks, blogs and whitepapers) that inform and address their problems. The buying process is drastically changing and according to SiriusDecisions ‘67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally’. The role of sales is being pushed gradually further towards the bottom of the sales funnel, and as B2B marketers learn to measure the ROI of their activities more effectively, I wonder… is the B2B sales team on the road to becoming redundant?

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