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Day in the Life of a B2B Marketing Account Manager

Posted by Libby Morgan on 10-Feb-2016 17:00:00

Generally speaking, B2B marketing gets a bad rep. The complex sales cycles are long, the products are often higher-priced, and there’s typically an entire committee of people that need to be brought on board before a buying decision is made. Compared with the creative, fast-moving world of B2C marketing, it’s easy to see why B2B is sometimes thought of as dull [i]. However, the industry is changing. Thanks to the rise of internet technology and mobile connectivity, buyers are able to research products and services online, in their own time. In fact, decision-makers are now 60-90% of the way through their buying journey by the time they contact a vendor, and they’re no longer waiting for outbound sales calls to introduce products [ii].

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