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5 reasons to consider an agency over in-house resource or recruitment

Posted by Treina Smyth on 27-Apr-2021 07:48:09

Our Business Development Director, Treina Smyth, has presented 5 considerations to have in mind when deciding whether to invest in an agency or deliver your activity through an internal team/ new recruit.

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Really B2B make top 10 in the UK Agencies Benchmarking Report

Posted by Daisy Truman on 22-Feb-2021 16:53:17

Last week, B2B Marketing published their annual UK Agencies Benchmarking Report. Really B2B featured 10th in the top marcomms agencies, alongside 94 other UK agencies.

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Really B2B named most awarded agency at the B2B Marketing Awards

Posted by Daisy Truman on 25-Jan-2021 10:42:10

Nearly 2 months on from the B2B Marketing Awards 2020 and we are still thrilled with the amazing result achieved by our team and clients.

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Prove the value of your B2B marketing to the board

Posted by Harriet Terrill on 27-Oct-2020 13:47:14

It can be difficult enough to secure marketing budget – even when things are good. Given the year we’ve had and the imminent tightening of purse strings, things could get even harder for marketers. Thankfully though, there’s a glimmer of hope. 

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Really B2B: My first 3 months

Posted by Jack Gilham on 13-Oct-2017 10:21:04

As part of the recruitment and training process at Really B2B, we ask all our staff to write a blog on completion of their first 3 months in the role. This activity not only shows us that we have some very talented people in our midst, but there is a variety of interesting characters too. So, in the first instalment of this blog series, here’s a post from our ever-inquisitive, Jack.

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Really B2B is now part of Centaur Media PLC

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 10-Aug-2017 10:17:30
We are really pleased to announce that Really B2B is now part of Centaur Media PLC, joining other leading brands including Econsultancy, Marketing Week, The Lawyer, Celebrity Intelligence and Oystercatchers.

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Find the B2B Marketing Agency That’s Right For You

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 28-Jul-2017 16:00:00

I recently went to a large well-known Swedish furniture shop to buy a sofa, and ended up leaving with a cheese grater and some light bulbs.

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3 Reasons Why B2B Marketing RFPs are Key to Success

Posted by Libby Millier on 13-Jan-2017 15:30:00

In the competitive B2B industry, companies like yours undoubtedly want to work with the very best. For this reason, when it comes to choosing an important partner like a B2B marketing agency, a request for proposal (RFP) is a tried and tested process.

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6 Awesome Things About Working in a B2B Marketing Agency

Posted by Libby Morgan on 01-Apr-2016 13:00:00

A B2B marketing career can be incredibly exciting, whether you’re welcoming a new client on board, writing content for a new pitch, or getting butterflies when you start seeing results for clients. Following on from our ‘Day in the life of a B2B marketer’ blog, we thought we’d share some insight from real-life marketers about what it’s really like to work in a B2B marketing agency.

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What can Star Wars teach us about B2B marketing?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 15-Dec-2015 16:00:00

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on the dark side of the moon for the past few months, you’ll no doubt know that the brand new Star Wars film is due for release on December 17th. Having dug the Stormtrooper costume out from the back of my wardrobe, excitement levels are at an all time high. I spent last weekend watching the existing 6 films, and that’s when I had a moment of realisation… Darth Vader and his Death Star were destroyed by the worst Achilles heel ever… a badly secured thermal exhaust port. If only he’d had the foresight to carry out a security audit of his entire operation and identify his weaknesses… Star Wars could have had a rather different ending altogether.

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Choosing The Right B2B Marketing Agency Doesn’t Have To Be Chaos

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 27-Nov-2015 17:00:00

Today is Black Friday – a day which until recently was largely irrelevant, but which now consists of ridiculous shopping deals and chaos in stores up and down the country. The tradition was imported from across the pond in the last few years and represents the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. With stores typically opening earlier than normal and offering special offers on multiple products, mayhem generally ensues. You may already have seen Black Friday marketing materials land in your email inbox as companies look to outdo their competitors and secure the largest amount of revenue on the day.

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B2B Marketing Award Winners...Again!

Posted by Amy Robertson on 20-Nov-2015 16:10:00

The HAC in London was the beautiful (and very sparkly) venue for last night’s annual B2B Marketing awards ceremony. With over 800 marketing professionals attending last year (where we won two awards), this year’s event was bigger and better than ever! Of course, the evening took a spectacular turn when it was announced that Really B2B won Best SME Targeted Campaign – for a second year in a row!

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Is B2B marketing a risk to your health?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 23-Oct-2015 16:00:00

A recent post by B2B Marketing, has highlighted some staggering findings uncovered by a MedExpress report. According to the research, 75% of respondents regularly missed doctor’s appointments and failed to pick up prescriptions due to work commitments. More worryingly, workers in the marketing and media sector made up the largest percentage of this group.

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How website design helps to select a B2B marketing agency

Posted by Libby Morgan on 10-Aug-2015 14:57:00

Considering whether or not to outsource your marketing is a big decision, and choosing a B2B marketing agency that will be the right fit for your company is an even bigger one. It’s a bit like choosing dinner at a restaurant with an extensive menu. If you only look at the title of each dish and don’t read the description, there’s a possibility you’ll end up with something you don’t really like. If you read each description carefully, you stand a much better chance of selecting a dish you’ll really enjoy.

It’s the same when looking for a B2B marketing agency to partner with. If you simply select an agency based on their name, or the first page of their website, you may end up with one that doesn’t fit with your company.

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Simplifying B2B Marketing with Consolidated Vendors

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 02-Apr-2015 16:36:00

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