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Is your funnel people centric?

Posted by Rachel Holmes on 17-Jun-2020 10:46:41

I recently wrote an article about how we all have the power to change an average customer experience into an epic one. I’ve been thinking more on this, specifically how our much-loved marketing funnel plays a key role.

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B2B Sales and Marketing – The Successful Relationship

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 01-Apr-2014 08:38:00

As we’ve discussed previously throughout this blog, aligning your sales and marketing teams will result in a clearer understanding of your prospects and increase your leads, sales and revenue. The relationship between these two parties is based on information sharing and clear boundaries/criteria.

Topics: B2B Lead Generation, B2B marketing, B2B Sales, B2B Sales-Qualified Leads, B2B Sales and Marketing, B2B Sales team

B2B Lead Nurturing – Definitely Worth It

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 20-Aug-2013 10:50:00

Topics: B2B Inbound marketing, B2B Lead Generation, B2B marketing, B2B Sales-Qualified Leads, B2B Lead Nurturing

Defining a B2B sales-qualified lead

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 11-Jul-2013 14:43:00

The persona documents have been created and the marketing team are ready to start drafting the targeted messaging, engaging content and lead generation communications. But first they have to ask one vital question – what does a lead ‘look’ like?

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