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B2B LinkedIn Marketing – Ads or Sponsored Updates?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 27-Aug-2014 17:42:00

LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites - CMO 

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B2B Summit 2014: 19 of the Best B2B Marketing Takeaway Tips

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 19-Jun-2014 17:24:00

On June 18th approximately 400 marketers and business owners descended into The Brewery in London for the B2B Summit 2014, hosted by B2B Marketing. The day was filled with sessions from B2B marketing experts covering the hottest topics in the B2B world; inbound marketing, multi-channel marketing, demand generation, social media and all the emerging trends. Not only did this day offer a huge amount of insight for many B2B marketers looking to improve their marketing practice and further develop their lead generation strategies, but it really gave some food for thought regarding the exciting future of B2B marketing and where we’re all headed.

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How To Effectively Distribute B2B Content via LinkedIn

Posted by Aimee Binstead on 19-Nov-2013 13:55:00

I was recently in a position where a client told me, “I need to get more connections on LinkedIn”. My response to this was, “Ok, what is the goal of increasing your connections?” The reply – “I don’t know, I’ve just been told I need more connections”. After further discussion it emerged that driving traffic to company content and the website was the real aim of the LinkedIn strategy. My client believed an increase in connections would help reach this goal and justify that social media activity as being successful. What this highlights, is that those responsible for B2B marketing and business growth are misunderstanding how to effectively utilise LinkedIn for content distribution. As quoted by CMI and MarketingProfs in their 2013 B2B Content Marketing report, “83% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content’. What this statistic doesn’t answer though, is whether that content is being distributed effectively and to the right people, ultimately achieving ROI.

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B2B LinkedIn Marketing – ‘Protectors’ of your brand

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 16-Apr-2013 15:20:00

When your company has a LinkedIn presence, it’s important to remember that key staff members within your organisation become ‘protectors’ of your brand.

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B2B Social Media Marketing How-to Guide (Part I) - LinkedIn

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 06-Mar-2013 12:09:00

Deciding to write a series of how-to guides on the uses and benefits of social media in the world of B2B marketing is like opening a dustbin-sized can of worms. The entire social media ‘landscape’ changes so quickly that in the blink of an eye, one social media site can drop out of fashion and another one take its place. So, why then did I decide to go ahead and write these guides?

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