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Really Masterclasses - Where to start with content

Posted by Jade Parkinson on 25-Mar-2020 09:19:41

Not every prospect is ready to convert at the same time, and it can take a bit of a nudge to push some prospects down the sales funnel. As a lead generation agency, we use content to achieve this goal, and considering it generates 3X the ROI of traditional marketing programmes, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.[i] 

So, whether you are completely new to content marketing, or your current strategy is not having the desired effect, this is the read for you.

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Keeping your marketing on track amid the chaos

Posted by Jade Parkinson on 19-Mar-2020 12:21:38

In this time of uncertainty, you have likely seen a shift in marketing focuses while businesses find their feet with this new remote way of working.

As a B2B demand generation agency, we know first- hand that the one thing you must not cancel or slow down is your lead generation and marketing efforts. Here we discuss some ways to keep things ticking over amid the current chaos.

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B2B content marketing - interactive is coming!

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 25-Jul-2018 16:27:22

Content is both the cause of, and solution to, many marketers’ problems.

Like channels including email and social media, content has taken its place as a fundamental pillar of B2B marketing. When planning campaigns or marketing strategies, content’s inclusion is simply a given – and rightly so. Tackling long buying cycles, building brand trust, or positioning organisations as industry thought-leaders, few channels do the job as well as content. From ebooks and tip sheets, to infographics and checklists, this multi-function solution has a place in all marketing activities… and this could be its downfall.

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How to write the perfect B2B content strategy

Posted by Libby Morgan on 18-Aug-2015 17:11:00

The B2B marketing world appears to be obsessed with content. 99% of marketers say B2B content marketing is important, and it’s predicted that by 2016, half of marketers’ time will be spent on content alone.

With this in mind, you’d think the majority of B2B organisations would have a solid grasp of their content strategy, and how they’d like to grow and develop it over the coming year.

Apparently not. According to the 2015 Content Marketing Benchmarking Report, 53% of respondents in the report say they’re ‘weak’ or ‘okay’ when it comes to content strategy. 

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Should we fear the rise of the content robots?

Posted by John Hatton on 10-Jul-2015 09:21:00

Picture the scene… a world torn apart by war as a robot network attempts to finally make humanity extinct. The only thing standing in its way… a small band of human fighters who refuse to be beaten.

Okay, so it isn’t as dramatic as the latest Terminator incarnation, but there is growing talk within content spheres about so-called “content bots”. That’s right, robots that can write articles and post them online for you and me to read. Well, not exactly robots, but a computer programme.

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Are you using B2B marketing content as a conversion assist?

Posted by Kenneth Connolly on 08-Jul-2015 16:43:00

It’s no surprise to find that B2B marketing content is continuing to grow in popularity. With the promise of higher quality leads and reduced costs compared to outbound channels, content ticks all the right boxes. Over the past two years, content has gone from being an after-thought on marketing campaigns (if there was still budget left) to becoming a major player in marketers’ multi-channel campaigns. However, there was always an issue… measuring ROI.

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